• Minecraft Party!

    Minecraft has really kicked off in our house this year, my two sons are obsessed with the pixelated game (as am I!), so it came as no surprise when my ...

Weight Loss Wednesday – F.I.T. 1 and Juicing Central!

I’m about a week into the Forever F.I.T 1 program and so far so good, it’s much easier than the C9 detox.  A typical day goes like this: Breakfast: 120ml Aloe vera Forever Lite Shake x1 Therm tablet Mid-Morning: x1 packet of Forever Fiber (mixed with water) Lunch: x2 Garcinia Plus tablets (20 mins before […]

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How To Get The Best Holiday Deals

Pretty much everyone wants to find the best deals when booking a holiday, if you can save a few pounds on a hotel or a flight then all the better and this means more you can spend whilst actually being on holiday itself! But where do you start? Here’s a few tips how to get […]

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Target Dry – Georgia Womens Waterproof Parka – Review

Getting caught in the rain is an inevitable part of the school run, you can pretty much guarantee that if it’s going to rain at any point during the day at approx. around 3:00pm is when it’s going to come! I have a pretty decent North Face rain coat already but it’s quite thin so […]

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Weight Loss Wednesday – My Birthday and Center Parcs

Typically after the success of the C9 detox program, my birthday was next and a long weekend at Center Parcs at the same time! However despite this, I did much more exercise than I normally do, with swimming a couple of times a day (or call that more chasing after the boys or trying to […]

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Weight Loss Wednesday – Completing the C9 Detox Forever Living

Ok so this title is a bit late as it’s now Thursday…but hey, it’s better late than never! Just before Christmas I bought the new and improved C9 detox program from my friend who is one of the managers for Forever Living.  But I wasn’t in the right mood to start the program that close […]

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Things To Do In Florida

Florida is one of those places that you should visit at least once (if not more), there’s so much to see and do and it’s not all for the adrenaline junkies, there’s culture and a vibe for all to enjoy.  Here’s 5 things to do in Florida… Disney World – You cannot come all this […]

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Thule Atmos X3 iPhone 5/5s case – Review

Being a person that is always dropping her phone, a protective case is a necessity when owning an iPhone, but at the same time I also want a case that is compact and smart looking. Thule gave me the chance to review their Atmos X3 case for the Iphone (also available for Samsung phones). Thule […]

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