• Minecraft Party!

    Minecraft has really kicked off in our house this year, my two sons are obsessed with the pixelated game (as am I!), so it came as no surprise when my ...

Mothercare Boys Clothing – Review

As a mother to 2 older boys (9&7) I thought my days shopping at Mothercare was done and dusted years ago, little did I know that their clothing range went up to age 10!  I was sent a few items for my youngest to try out who currently prefers to wear clothes with limited patterns […]

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SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl – Review

Do you leave your cat food down all day long?  Do you want to keep your cats food fresh all day long and safe from flies?  Then the revolutionary new pet bowl from SureFlap could be the bowl for you! Introducing the SureFeed sealed pet bowl developed by Dr Nick Hill, a Cambridge physicist who also developed SureFlap. […]

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Tips on Preventing Ticks on Dogs

If you own a dog and keep up to date with the news, you may be aware of a dog disease called canine babesiosis that has been found in the UK.  Whilst the disease has only so far been found in a small area of the country (Essex has had 4 confirmed cases) it’s expected […]

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Trespass Ladies Walking Trousers – Review

I try to go proper hiking (by proper I mean head to the mountains) at least once or twice a month if possible and my staple clothing item for my legs are trousers so it’s essential that I have a comfortable pair of trousers on that I can wear all day long and withstand scuffs […]

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Cycling 100 miles for Brainstrust

To help drum up support, my brother Darren is cycling 100 miles to help raise money for Brainstrust.  He hopes to raise £1000 which will go towards a required £200k target to help one of his friends mum get much needed treatment in the US for a brain tumour (currently unavailable on the NHS or […]

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The Royal Observatory – Greenwich London

On our last family trip to London we focused our efforts around the Greenwich area, an area which has been highly recommended on a couple of occasions and by different people but quite often not on the radar of visiting families who tend to perhaps stick to central London if only coming for the day. […]

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Give Your Cats a Treat with Purina Gourmet Soup

Being a cat owner I’m pretty strict on what diet they’re on, I have 5 cats and between them they’re on 3 different diets suited to their needs.  This is a carefully formulated diet that I get from the vets where each meal is carefully weighed out.  Having said that my cats love wet food […]

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