• Everest Base Camp

    Everest Base Camp Trek

    I’ve been banging on about the Everest Base Camp trek (EBC) for some time, I’ve done it and it took some time but I’m finally ready to tell you how ...

Alton Towers with Samsung Galaxy K zoom #100DaysofFamily

When Samsung contacted me to ask If I wanted to test out their new Galaxy K zoom with a day trip to Alton Towers, I simply couldn’t resist. I’ll admit I’m a devoted Apple user so was a little apprehensive on how I’d get on with the Samsung, but after a few minutes of playing […]

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‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ — Tips for Travelling With Kids

I’ve taken many long journeys with the children and am always looking for different ways to entertain and keep the boredom away, this post from Tesco gives you some great ideas and I’ll be looking to try some out on our next adventure! Long journeys with kids can be torture: they’re bored, they’re uncomfortable, they’re […]

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Hiking Moel Siabod in Photos

I recently hiked up Moel Siabod in Wales, but as it was mine and my friends first time hiking this mountain I don’t feel I can adequately advise on the best routes etc. Instead what I will tell you is that it’s a great mountain to tackle if you want to move away from the […]

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Hiking Gear – What do I take and wear?

Hiking can require many different types of equipment, quite often you’ll find yourself going from sunny weather at the base of a mountain to cold and windy at the top. Consequently you need to be prepared for all types of weather that may get thrown at you. Here’s a rundown on what I tend to […]

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Fundraising During Retirement?

As some of you may have guessed I’m a big animal lover, with 3 of my animals coming from rescue homes, where possible I always try ans spare a few pennies to donate to animal charities.  Today’s post from the RSPCA is about fundraising when retired, however some of the tips included are suitable for […]

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Travel Essentials

When travelling abroad and perhaps to countries where you need to be extra careful with hygiene or the extra heat, I always have a few travel essentials that I always try to ensure I have prepared before travelling. Look After Your Stomach To me this is one of the biggest concerns I have when travelling, […]

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Weatherproof Days Out

You’re back from your holiday, there’s nothing on TV, it’s raining cats and dogs and you’re hearing the dreaded cry of, ‘mum, I’m bored!’ It’s time to get up and go, despite the weather, before you all go stir crazy! Here are some great options to keep you all entertained. Soft Play When the rain […]

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