3 Unusual But Super Cool Pets For Kids

Are you thinking of getting a pet but want something a bit different? Sure, dogs and cats are fantastic but pretty much everybody has them so what about something out of the ordinary, something different, something not so common.

Of course, this begs the questions of what is an usual but cool pet? Well, today we have 3 specific pets that we want to talk about, ones that are definitely not your everyday cat or Golden Retrievers, but are certainly very cool, entertaining, and fairly easy to care for too. So, what are some unusual but cool pets for your kids?

1. Ferret

A ferret is not your typical pet that many people have in their homes, but we are looking to change that. Ferrets are very neat little mammals that are closely related to weasels. In fact, the ferret is a domesticated weasel type that is perfectly safe and friendly too. It may not be your average everyday pet, but they certainly can be if you give them the chance. Many people don’t think too highly of ferrets and think of them as smelly and aggressive critters, but that could not be any further from the truth.

Ferrets, like we mentioned before, are domesticated, just like dogs and cats too. The point we are trying to make here is that ferrets can be trained. In fact, ferrets are shown to be able to learn just as many tricks and commands as your average dog, plus more. You can teach ferrets to sit, go down, come, and all of that fun stuff. It is even shown that ferrets can learn their own name. So, just imagine calling for Franny the Ferret and having that little ball of fur and fluff come prancing down the hallway!

Seven weeks old ferret baby portrait on blanket

Ferrets are cute and they are fun too. You can play with them as they will fetch, play tug of war, and much more. They can indeed be quite a fun pet for kids. Now, some ferrets can be a little aggressive, but that is also true for dogs. Most ferrets that are treated right and well trained will not be a problem.

Do keep in mind that ferrets in the wild do hunt and eat meat, so it would be unwise to keep them unattended in a room with small birds or rodents, as they might just try to eat them. That being said, ferrets are perfectly kid friendly, plus they are so soft and cuddly too! Ferrets can definitely be a whole lot of fun, plus they are more than affordable too.

2. Betta Fish

Another really unusual but cool pet to have in your home is the Betta fish. The reason why we are saying that Betta fish are a little unusual as a pet is because they are very aggressive towards other fish, especially other Betta fish. In other words, if you have a Betta fish, it is most likely going to be the only fish in the tank. Some people don’t like that because they want to have a community tank with lots of fish. However, that being said, Betta fish can definitely be a joy to own.

First off, the simple fact of having an aquarium is very relaxing for many people. The glow of the aquarium lights and the gurgle of the filter are things which can help mellow you out, relieve stress from a long day, and even help lull you to sleep. Many people live fish for their relaxation benefits. There is also the fact that Betta fish are very fun to watch. Since they are territorial, you can put a little mirror in front of them for a few minutes and they will get all puffy and start swimming around to defend their territory. We can’t lie, it’s fun to watch, but just don’t do it for more than a couple of minutes.

betta fish Aquarian fish swims in aquarium water

Besides that, Betta fish are also very beautiful. They come in a variety of colors, which is something that many people love about them. Moreover, it is always fun to watch a fish swim around, eat its food, and do all of the fishy things they do. Also, Betta fish are quite resilient, hardy, and easy to take care of. Heck, they can even breather normal air so you don’t even have to get an air pump for the water.

Betta fish are pretty simple to care for, so even your kids can do it. All you really need is Betta tank, protein skimmer (this site covers some of the best options), a filter, substrate, plants, and food. This may sound pricey, but all of those components are actually fairly cheap to purchase. Bettas are relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain too, which is yet another bonus. A betta fish may seem a little unusual at first, but trust us when we say that having one is fun, relaxing, and rewarding too.

3. Lizard

The other unusual but super cool pet that you can have in your home is the lizard. To be exact, there are tons of different lizards out there, which is great for you. You can choose from ones such as bearded dragon, various geckos, skinks, and much more. The fact that you can choose between so many species, shapes, types, and colors of lizard is something that many people love about them.

Now, many people would say that lizards are unusual simply because they are reptiles. Some people think they look odd, some people imagine them being all slippery and slimy, and some just don’t like the idea of watching them eat live crickets. However, once you realize that they actually look neat and that they are in fact very smooth and dry, many people tend to warm up to the idea of having a lizard as a pet.

Many lizards are fairly inexpensive to buy, and while the equipment needed to take care of a lizard is not exactly cheap, it is nowhere near as expensive as owning a cat or dog. Lizards are indeed quite fun to own, as they can be pretty interactive. You can pick lizards up, pet them, let them climb on you, and even run around your home. Just don’t let your lizard get outside or hide in some crack that you can’t get too.

These things come in so many varieties that you will be hard pressed to not find one that you like! Lizards are also fairly simply to take care of, which is another beneficial aspect no doubt. Your kids may need some help at first to take care of a lizard, but it really is not that hard, and with a little training, your kids will be doing all of the work in no time at all.

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When it comes to unusual but cool pets for your kids, ferrets, Betta fish, and lizards all make for fantastic choices. All of them are easy to care for, not too expensive, kid friendly, and lots of fun too. If you are sick of average pets, try getting one of these things. You definitely won’t regret it!

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