5 Car Servicing Tips – Checklist for Day Trips & Day Outs

Servicing your car is not an annual thing that you should only do prior to your MOT, but something that needs to be maintained all year round. Simple checks are often enough to make sure that you and your family remain safe when out and about on the road. The trouble is that many of us don’t make the inspections we should due to hectic lifestyles. However, if you are planning a day trip on the road and not just your usual commute, then you really ought to take time to run through the following checklist and gain full peace of mind:

Consult Car Servicing Experts

If you know nothing about cars or are just not confident, then ask an expert to give your vehicle a service check for you. Taking expert opinion makes sure that no aspect of your car is being over-looked. Car servicing is a way to show love for your car, which in return loves you back without causing breakdowns or any inconvenience during road travels.A business like DAT Tyres offers car servicing in London and other areas which is relatively cheap, convenient and won’t take up much time. Don’t leave things to chance if you don’t want to make checks yourself.

Confirm Tyre Pressure

All too often drivers are on tyres which are under-inflated. When you fill up with fuel, take the time to confirm your tyre pressure at the filling station. If they need pumping up a little, then this will only take a minute or two and is an easy job to do with a garage’s air pump. Find out what the recommended tyre pressure should be by looking in your user manual. Under-inflated tyre are unsafe and mean you brake less rapidly. They also run inefficiently.

Check Oil

You need to do this job when you car has not been running for a while. Simply lift up the bonnet of your vehicle and locate the dipstick. It will usually have a bright handle and is easy to reach. Pull it out and wipe it down with a piece of kitchen roll. Now replace it and pull it out once more. You should see a little oil on the dipstick. So long as its level is between two markers or notches on the device, then you have the right level of oil. If you need more oil, then fill up the reserve or you may break down which is never pleasant if you have a car full of children!

Do a Light Check

Running around without full headlamps can go unnoticed if you only drive during the day, but on a day trip you might return at night when you’ll need them. Confirm that your sidelights, dipped and full beam headlamps are operational by asking someone to check whilst you are stationary but at the wheel. You should also check you indicators, brake lights and reversing lamps to be sure. Finally, don’t forget your fog lamp which is an essential safety feature of any family car.

Spare Tyre Inspection

If you have never looked at your spare tyre, then you won’t know if it is suitable for your intended trip. Some are limited by the speed you can drive and others by the range they afford. Check yours beforehand and make sure it is roadworthy by looking at the tread, especially if it has been used in the past. This way, you’ll feel more confident you are prepared should you need to use it.

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