Alternative River Cruises To Try

When you think of river cruises you’ll probably think of the usual suspects like the River Nile in Egypt or the River Seine in France and whilst these are amazing cruises to go on, sometimes it’s good to break away from the traditional and find some alternative places to see by river.  With some help from The Luxury Cruise Company here’s a few suggestions on alternative river cruises to try:

Chobe river in Botswana

Aside from Egypt, taking a river cruise in Africa perhaps hasn’t entered into your consideration before, but when you take a look at possible itineraries to travel on the Chobe river, you’ll why it hadn’t!  Think taking a safari but on a river and instead of a jeep you’re in a luxury boat.  You could find yourself starting with a few days in Cape Town before flying to Botswana to catch your boat before sailing down the Chobe river and then onto Victoria Falls and with the expectation of seeing the African wildlife on the way!

**Take a Chobe river cruise between November and March to see the most bird species on migration

An African Darter on Chobe River front, Botswana.

An African Darter on Chobe River front, Botswana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Russian Waterways

You may well discount Russia as a holiday destination, but you really shouldn’t as there’s so much to see here and what better way to do it than through the Russian Waterways.  Expect to visit Moscow, St Petersburg and the historic, smaller Golden Ring cities as well as attractive stretches of countryside that change with the latitude and some of Europe’s largest lakes.

**Russian Waterways cruises have a short season; sailings start in early May and continue until late October, with peak season in June and July.

Русский: Речное круизное судно "Илья Репи...

Русский: Речное круизное судно “Илья Репин” на фоне Северного речного вокзала. Москва. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Elbe River

The Elbe river runs through the north west of the Czech Republic and flows through Germany before ending at the North Sea.  Expect to see  gothic cathedrals, palaces and manicured gardens as well as mountains, wetlands and woodlands .

**The European summer months are a pleasant time to take a cruise on the Elbe.

The Elbe river near the border between Bohemia...

The Elbe river near the border between Bohemia (the Czech Republic) and Saxony (Germany) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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