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My Dream Horse with Petplan Equine

Children and their imaginations are wonderful things, add in some drawings and you’ll never know quite what you’ll get!  Probably the most favourite thing you can draw as a child (or as an adult to be fair) is animals, for me I was always drawing cats and dogs, not that they were very good mind!  […]

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Enjoy your winter dog walks with Millets

Owning a dog means you’re pretty committed to daily dog walks whatever the weather, but as long as you’re kitted out well then a spot rain, wind and snow shouldn’t be too much bother. Millets is a good place to start when looking for decent winter wear and footwear, there’s a good choice and to […]

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3 Unusual But Super Cool Pets For Kids

Are you thinking of getting a pet but want something a bit different? Sure, dogs and cats are fantastic but pretty much everybody has them so what about something out of the ordinary, something different, something not so common. Of course, this begs the questions of what is an usual but cool pet? Well, today […]

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Track Your Dogs Fitness with the Pedigree Tracks App

Pretty much everyone I see these days wears a fitness tracker of some sort to track their steps and how far they’ve walked and now you can get an app on your phone which will track your dogs fitness levels and if you’re reaching the right fitness levels for your dog.  After downloading the Pedigree […]

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Combat the Itch with YuMega Itchy Dog #VetMyPetsItch

Summer = allergies for many dogs and much like humans they can react in many different ways, but most commonly you’ll find that they get itchy skin and as a human I can think of nothing worse than being itchy the whole time….but put yourself in your dogs paws and imagine how irritating it could […]

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