Broadband and Me

As a blogger and freelancer I spend quite some time on the internet so having a good broadband provider is essential to keep me online all day everyday.  I live in a quite a rural market town and only within the last few months have we finally switched to fibre superfast broadband!…exciting day in this household!

Whilst I don’t have a business broadband tariff right now, I recognise there are some great services on offer out there like Talk Talk Business and should I find myself working more and more from home then this is something I shall certainly be looking into.  It’s with Talk Talk and #BroadbandandMe that I was asked to give my thoughts on Broadband in my house and how we’ve come to rely on being connected 24hrs a day.

In our house with 2 children aged 8 and 10, the internet is an essential part of our life.  For them, they rely on a good connection to play their Xbox games online with their friends, without this they would be constantly dropping out of their live matches and subsequently moaning at me in the process!  Also they like to watch their favourite YouTubers, mainly when they’re chilling out after a day at school or when they’re trying to wake up in preparation for school…YouTube is a constant factor for them.

For me, I didn’t think I used the internet all that much, but actually I use it pretty much all the time!  Whether it’s checking into social media using my phone, or watching a catch-up programme on TV to sending emails on my laptop…I may even use it more than the kids!

I’m at an age (sadly) when I can remember first getting the internet at home, that dial-up tone was horrendous! And you may or may not connect to the internet even then!…god forbid of someone started using the phone whilst you were trying to do something when you were connected and it instantly threw you offline and into the doom or trying to re-connect! But the internet came at a really good time for me as when I was 18, I was going to teach in India for 6 months and luckily I was able to login to my email whilst there and send messages back home.

It’s hard to remember life before Broadband really, what on earth did we do to entertain ourselves back then?!

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