Hello Canvas HD Metal – Review

Since the beginning of smartphones, we are taking so many more photographs than we ever used to, but the difference is that these days they will stay on your phone or get uploaded to Instagram and Facebook and then likely to be forgotten about until Timehop reminds you of the photo you took a year ago.  Sometimes though when you get a cracking picture you want to transfer that to something more permanent and something that you can see every day.

There’s a few options that you could choose from to best showcase your chosen photograph, whether it’s on canvas, a simple framed print or on HD Metal.  Hellocanvas.co.uk gave me the opportunity to review one of their products, I decided on the HD Metal in gloss as I felt this would really bring the photograph alive.

Deciding that I’m going to then gift the picture to a close friend for her birthday I chose an image from our travels to Iceland and when we found the abandoned aircraft on one of their beaches. The weather was just amazing, the sky so blue and against the black sand the plane was a beacon.

Making sure I had the best resolution needed for the size I wanted (72dpi), the picture was delivered in a matter of days.  Carefully packaged, the HD Metal print was incredibly light and so thin yet sturdy and the quality was really good.  The hanging system also means that it hands straight against the wall.

To better explain what HD Metal actually is, this is a snippet from the website:

“HD Metal consists of a thin aluminum plate with a special coating on top. We then use a u­nique technique to apply your photo or image onto it. The result is phe­no­me­nal!! Razor-sharp, ultra strong with a never seen before photo qua­li­ty. The material we use is scratch-resistant and waterproof so it is per­fect for outdoor use. The high-gloss version is the successor of acrylic prints however it is lighter, stronger, cheaper and has vibrant colours!”

Overall I’m really pleased with how the photograph looks blown up and made into the HD Metal picture.

There’s many different sizes you can choose from and the starting price is £20.

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