Kilimanjaro – Flashback – Day 7 – Last day!

Day 7 on Kilimanjaro had arrived, it was greeted by a mixture of relief and of sadness that the trip was nearly over, that we’ll soon be going back to the ‘day-to-day’ (dare I say boredom?) life back in the UK…

Before setting off, we had a group photo with all the team and the guys from the Uhuru Expeditions and they treated us to a song and dance!

Kilimanjaro - We did it!

The team!

Kilimanjaro summit success dance

The dance!

Not our actual group, but it’s the same song nonetheless, none of us filmed it I don’t think!

Making our way down at a leisurely pace, I found it quite hard on my legs and for the first time I got blisters, not on my feet mind you, on my hands from using the walking poles so much!  They were stopping me from tumbling over 🙂

Coming down..

Coming down..

Half way down, quite randomly was a ‘gift shop’ where you could buy fizzy drinks and even a t-shirt, which of course most people did!  The fizzy drink though was far too much for me, having not had anything like that for over a week, it was not going down well…just lumbered me with gassy burps for the next hour…nice I know!

Half way hut / gift shop

Half way hut / gift shop

As the path was so clear, the group soon split and soon I found myself walking alone, but this is no bad thing, I plugged in my iPod and turned the volume up and listened to my music, focusing on getting down off Kilimanjaro.

After a while, we hit a road, which seemed to last forever!  And pretty soon we saw locals, knowing that we were so close to the end, I made one last push and got to the bottom!

Shocking quality, but this is me at the bottom!

Shocking quality, but this is me at the bottom!

Once down, I realised that I’d not done anything with my hair for the last 5 days, it was still almost in the french plait that a team-mate had done for me at the beginning…just very messy looking!



After  coming down and sitting waiting for the others, at the time I thought, thank f*ck for that and thought would never do that again….however now….itching to go back!

Do check out this great Kilimanjaro site with loads more info on climbing the mountain!

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