Kilimanjaro – Going on Safari and visiting a Masai Mara Village

To finish my series of Kilimanjaro posts, I’ll be talking about the last few days of our time in Tanzania…a time for relaxing!

From Kilimanjaro, we headed straight to the hotel, some slept, some took a well needed shower, I jumped in the swimming pool and just floated and collected my thoughts from the last 7 days.

That even we celebrated with a lovely meal, Kilimanjaro beer and the presentations.  Also a time to be able to chat to the lead guides in a more relaxed manner.

Celebration Time!

Celebration Time!

The next day we got into two jeep type cars and headed to the lodge which will be our base for the Safari, after a quick freshen up we headed more or less straight out to Lake Manyara National Park.  As a big lover of animals this was an exciting trip for me..

Kili day 8 (14)

On the safari we didn’t see any predators sadly (desperate to see a wild lion :-() However, we did see…

Kili Day 8 (3)

Kili day 8 (5)

kili day 8 (9)

After a long hot day we headed back to the lodge for our final night in Tanzania with more Kilimanjaro beer of course..

Last day, we headed off early on another quick safari, but sadly we didn’t get to see that much this time round and I fell asleep!  The past 8 days had finally caught with me and with the heat in the car, it was all too much for my tired eyes.

Making a pit stop at a local Masai Mara village, we were treated to a traditional dance, saw inside the hut, asked questions and bought some jewellery from their shop.  Saying farewell to the oldest member, he became quite fond of my red hair and started to smile and stroke it…this was until one of the girls in the group came to rescue me, sure that he was eyeing me up for his next bride!

Kili Day 8 (16)

Inside the hut

Inside the hut

Kili Day 8 (12)

Kili Day 8 (11)

Kili Day 8 (15)

This was to be our last encounter in Tanzania as we now headed straight to Kilimanjaro airport ready for the long flight home, exhausted, happy, emotional and all sorts of other emotions.

I end the last of the Kilimanjaro series with this video of collated photographs of our incredible journey…

Have I inspired you to do something amazing and climb Kilimanjaro?

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3 Responses to Kilimanjaro – Going on Safari and visiting a Masai Mara Village

  1. Ella Rose West April 23, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    Hi Carly,

    I’m just wondering, what training did you do for the climb? I’m planning to do the 3 Peaks Challenge this summer (yes, I know they’re not in the same league as Kilimanjaro, but I have to start somewhere!), but need to get a bit more physically fit than what I am now.

    What fitness activities did you do? And how did you fit it in around your family? I’m massively curious, and totally looking for ideas to steal!

    Ella x

    • Carly April 23, 2013 at 7:07 pm #

      Hi Ella,
      The 3 Peaks Challenge is a tough challenge all the same, not sure I could do it just yet…I’m not the fastest walker! That’s why Kilimanjaro suited me as the pace was so slow!

      I would recommend doing lots of walking at a pace if possible and try and get some hill walks in to. Depending on your area of course and access to any hills, not many in my area so have to drive.

      I only really did walking and climbed Snowdon a few times, i joined the gym but just didn’t use it.

      Luckily i’ve been able to get away for weekends here and there to do the mountain climbs, I also try and join a local walking group too for motivation.

      Good luck with the training and let me know how you get on!

  2. Samuel Jeffery April 28, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

    What an adventure Carly! This is definitely on my travel bucket list 🙂