Meet the Popster!

This is my lovely but ever so crazy dog Poppy, she’s 2 years old and a Golden Labrador, she;ll no doubt feature heavily in this blog as she’s always getting up to some mischief!

Needless to say, she’s amazing with the kids, they jump all over her and she very rarely gets annoyed with them (although she can get over playful and become worse than the kids!)

Where ever you go, she’ll be sure to follow!

Here’s some pictures of her growing up…

Wasn't she cute?!

Wasn’t she cute?!


Puppy dog eyes!

Puppy dog eyes!

Look i'm on the sofa!!

Look i’m on the sofa!!

Wasn't me!!

Wasn’t me!!

hmmmm, need i say more?

hmmmm, need i say more?




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