Mothercare Boys Clothing – Review

As a mother to 2 older boys (9&7) I thought my days shopping at Mothercare was done and dusted years ago, little did I know that their clothing range went up to age 10!  I was sent a few items for my youngest to try out who currently prefers to wear clothes with limited patterns and designs, so options are limited but we found a few pieces that he would be happy with.

First up we selected a short-sleeved polo shirt which was on sale for just £5.50.  The shirt is a really nice soft fabric and light to wear,making it a perfect choice for summer days.  I particularly like polo shirts as they offer better protection from the sun on the back and front of the neck.  This item is currently out of stock, similar tops are available.


Next up we went for a long-sleeved top.  This top again has a nice feel to it and the quality is good also.  The top is currently on sale for just £3.50!! I know being long-sleeved that we’re limiting the wear out of it but we still get colder evenings and on rainy days the longer sleeves do tend to come out.


Finally we went for a pair of jeans, now jeans in our house don’t tend to last that long as the boys are always sliding on the grass and generally doing what kids do, so ultimately jeans soon have wears in the knee.  It will be interesting to see how long these last, but at £7.00 a pair, they’re not too expensive.


Overall, I’m glad that I now know that I have another option for buying decent quality clothes for my boys for the next year or so and Mothercare is a well-known store that you can find in just about every large town.

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