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Kids being mobile safe at school: how parents can help and other practical advice

When a child heads into Secondary education, it’s quite common for them to want and need a mobile phone, especially if they are making their own way to and from school. Whilst for the most part owning a mobile phone is a useful device to have, even at the age of 11, there are some […]

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Don’t Let the Rain Dampen Your Mood: 5 Ideas to Keep the Kids Exploring this Summer

It’s inevitable, isn’t it? The summer holidays will roll around, the kids will have six weeks off school and the heavens will open. But what can you do to keep them entertained if the weather is poor? Well, the easy option would be to leave them staring at a tablet screen. It’s hard enough to […]

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Ways to entertain the family in the garden this summer

The summer brings with it the best serving of sunshine the UK has ever had. The kids are home, the outdoors are bright, and you just want to be in the moment. However, chances are that everyone wants to go to the beach or the park, and the garden is the last thing in their […]

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Tips on how to get a good nights sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things our body needs in order function, but for some sleep doesn’t come as easy as others.  I’m a fairly good sleeper, although quite a light one and just occasionally I struggle to get a full nights sleep for whatever reason. There’s a few things that I would […]

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Broadband and Me

As a blogger and freelancer I spend quite some time on the internet so having a good broadband provider is essential to keep me online all day everyday.  I live in a quite a rural market town and only within the last few months have we finally switched to fibre superfast broadband!…exciting day in this […]

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