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Tips on fundraising for a charity trip

When you sign up to big challenges like Kilimanjaro or Everest Base Camp it’s likely that you will try to fund these trips through fundraising and sponsorship.   The costs of these trips are in the region of £3000 and can seem pretty daunting at the prospect of attempting to raise all this money. I want […]

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Climb Your Mountain (CYM) – The Health and Wellbeing Charity

I’m often asked by people about the charity I go on trips with and help raise money for, here’s a  little bit about the charity Climb Your Mountain (CYM). Set up by Charlie Wardle in 2008, He founded CYM following a difficult and stressful period in his life which resulted in a period of depression. […]

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Kilimanjaro – Going on Safari and visiting a Masai Mara Village

To finish my series of Kilimanjaro posts, I’ll be talking about the last few days of our time in Tanzania…a time for relaxing! From Kilimanjaro, we headed straight to the hotel, some slept, some took a well needed shower, I jumped in the swimming pool and just floated and collected my thoughts from the last […]

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Kilimanjaro - We did it!

Kilimanjaro – Flashback – Day 7 – Last day!

Day 7 on Kilimanjaro had arrived, it was greeted by a mixture of relief and of sadness that the trip was nearly over, that we’ll soon be going back to the ‘day-to-day’ (dare I say boredom?) life back in the UK… Before setting off, we had a group photo with all the team and the […]

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Uhuru Peak

Kilimanjaro – Flashback – Day 6 – Summit night

Day 6 (technically we’re still in Day 5 right now) on Kilimanjaro, the night we were all waiting for had arrived.  The few hours we were meant to sleep was probably the longest I’ve ever experienced, all I can remember was the howling wind and thinking “Sh*t, we’re walking in this soon!” Woken up at […]

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