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Get fit and lose weight – Week 2

It’s been a bad week, not sure what happened but I lost my focus and ate a little too much chocolate!  I didn’t go out and actually buy the chocolate, it was already in the house….Yes I stole the kids chocolate 🙁 So, to get back on it, I’ve been searching for fitness / healthy […]

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Get fit and lose weight – Week 1

My first week of attempting to eat more healthy and do more exercise has gone fairly well, I managed to not have any of the desserts at my nephews party which is pretty impressive!   I’ve had a fair amount of help and advice and here’s what I’ve done: Drink a large glass of water in […]

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Get fit and Lose weight pre-Everest challenge!

I’m not sure how it’s happened but all of a sudden I feel like my weight has spiraled in the last few years and I’m determined to get it back down to an acceptable level.  So, I’ve decided to document this on my blog so hopefully you guys can keep me motivated and most of […]

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