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Kilimanjaro – Flashback – Day 2 Machame Camp > Shira Camp

Day 2 on Kilimanjaro, after a pretty crap night of constant waking up, feeling cold and an annoyingly overactive bladder, I actually felt ok, the diamox had kicked in and the nausea and headache had worn off…Thankfully! Time to sample the breakfast…. Generally consisting of hot dog type sausages, bread, cheese, pancakes and porridge, at […]

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Kilimanjaro – Flashback – Day 1 Machame Gate > Machame Camp

Day 2 was the first day of our challenge and what we’ve signed up to do, we awoke with excitement and nerves of what we’re about to let ourselves in for! After a lengthy drive in a cramped bus to Machame Gate (5718 ft), we waited very patiently to be signed in for what felt like […]

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