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Uhuru Peak

Kilimanjaro – Flashback – Day 6 – Summit night

Day 6 (technically we’re still in Day 5 right now) on Kilimanjaro, the night we were all waiting for had arrived.  The few hours we were meant to sleep was probably the longest I’ve ever experienced, all I can remember was the howling wind and thinking “Sh*t, we’re walking in this soon!” Woken up at […]

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Barafu Hut

Kilimanjaro Flashback – Day 5 – Karanga Camp > Barafu Camp

Day 5 on Kilimanjaro, and after another restless nights sleep we headed off to the next camp Barafu (High Camp).  I started to feel really tired almost immediately into the walk, the sleepless nights were really starting to take effect and I began to trail off behind the rest of the group instead of with my […]

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Kilimanjaro – Flashback – Day 1 Machame Gate > Machame Camp

Day 2 was the first day of our challenge and what we’ve signed up to do, we awoke with excitement and nerves of what we’re about to let ourselves in for! After a lengthy drive in a cramped bus to Machame Gate (5718 ft), we waited very patiently to be signed in for what felt like […]

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Worry No.2 – Leaving the kids

Following on from my first post, here’s the 2nd thing that’s worrying me about doing Everest Base Camp….leaving my boys for approx. 17 days! The longest I’ve been away from them previously was when I did Kilimanjaro 2 years ago which was for around 11 days.  When I returned home from Kili there was a […]

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