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The Perfect Dog Walking Jacket?

Dog walking is an all-year around job no matter what the weather and finding the perfect jacket for the job can be tricky.  You want something that’s lightweight as you inevitably get hot when walking and you also need it be waterproof for when the rain just won’t let up. Combining the above requirements and […]

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Re-homing Animals – Our Story

I’ve been an animal lover for as long as I can remember and I’m a big believer in re-homing rescue animals where possible.  Over the years I have re-homed 5 cats, each met with different circumstances and it’s the most rewarding thing you could do. If you have the space, time and the ability to […]

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Meet the Cats!

I’ve already introduced you to the mad Poppy, now let me introduce you to my 4 cats.. The oldest is Marley, he’s a long-haired tabby and 9 years old, he’s incredibly vocal and very dribbly when having some fuss.  He also has a violent streak, if you dare stroke him beneath the neck area, then […]

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