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Kilimanjaro – Going on Safari and visiting a Masai Mara Village

To finish my series of Kilimanjaro posts, I’ll be talking about the last few days of our time in Tanzania…a time for relaxing! From Kilimanjaro, we headed straight to the hotel, some slept, some took a well needed shower, I jumped in the swimming pool and just floated and collected my thoughts from the last […]

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Barranco Wall Top

Kilimanjaro – Flashback – Day 4 – Barranco Camp > Karanga Camp

Day 4 of the trek up Kilimanjaro and my favourite day of the whole trek, why?  The Barranco Wall, that’s why! Before I arrived in Tanzania, I had heard lots of things about the wall, so I decided to research what the wall actually entailed and I have to say when I was looking at […]

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