Travel Essentials

When travelling abroad and perhaps to countries where you need to be extra careful with hygiene or the extra heat, I always have a few travel essentials that I always try to ensure I have prepared before travelling.

Look After Your Stomach

To me this is one of the biggest concerns I have when travelling, I absolutely hate stomach ache and all that goes with it and have shopped around for different Traveler’s diarrhoea prevention medicines and supplements to help prevent this dreaded bug.  I found this really great product bimuno prebiotics which you start taking the travelaid pastilles 7 days before travelling and continue to take them throughout your trip.  Of course I’m careful with the types of food I eat, I tend to avoid fresh fruit and ice and only drink bottled water but you can never be sure that this will be enough and I don’t know about you but when I’ve saved for months for a holiday I don’t want to be bed bound or rushing to the toilet the whole time!

Look After Your Skin

Being a fair-skinned red-head I’ve grown up in the shade pretty much, some of the experiences I’ve had growing up with the sun have made me extra cautious when travelling to hot or high altitude countries.  I always ensure I bring Factor 50 suncream and high factor lip balm and apply and re-apply through-out the day to protect my skin and I always avoid the sun between midday and 3pm….always nice to have a nap at that time anyway I think 🙂

Look After Your Eyes

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Sometimes we forget that our eyes can be sensitive the sunlight and especially if you’re unused to this, I always try to remember to bring my sunglasses with me and that they have a high category rating (4+) as they block out more of the harmful UV rays.  This is especially important in high altitude situations when the suns rays are stronger.

Look After Your Head

Again, sometimes we forget that we should also protect our head from the sun.  This is the closest part of your body to the rays and yet I’m the worst for wearing a head and end up with a burnt scalp! (nice)..But I have however purchased a large wide-brimmed hat for the seaside and a UV protective cap for hiking, even though your head tends to get hot in hats, it’s worth the heat for the possible burns you may end up with.

So there you have some of my most essential travel aids that I try to stick by when going on holiday or on trekking adventures like Everest Base Camp.

What are your travel essentials?

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