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The Elms Hotel in Worcestershire

The Elms – Luxury Family Hotel

For our annual family holiday and to kick off the summer holidays, we decided to stay in the UK this year.  This is mainly because of my upcoming Everest trip and also the fact that we moved house under a year ago, so finances were a little stretched… However, we did decide to treat ourselves […]

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Enjoy an Action-Packed Summer in North Wales – GP

Following on from my last post on climbing Snowdon, here’s a post from the guys over at Haven on what else there is to do in North Wales if climbing mountains isn’t your thing! From water sports to air shows to things that make you go ‘aww’: North Wales proves why summers here are more […]

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Webloyalty report on holiday habits

I recently read a report from Webloyalty looking at holiday and leisure habits and it got me thinking about our own holiday habits for this year.  The report showed that 35% of the UK population won’t take a holiday at all this year….Can you imagine having a whole year without going away?  I know if […]

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Consider a home swap for your next holiday – GP

I’ve never done a home swap before, but do prefer to stay in villas or houses as opposed to all 4 of us staying in a one bedroom hotel room with lights out at 9pm!  Here’s a guest post from Penelope talking about the benefits of home swaps, it’s definitely something we will consider next […]

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Climb Your Mountain (CYM) – The Health and Wellbeing Charity

I’m often asked by people about the charity I go on trips with and help raise money for, here’s a  little bit about the charity Climb Your Mountain (CYM). Set up by Charlie Wardle in 2008, He founded CYM following a difficult and stressful period in his life which resulted in a period of depression. […]

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