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Journey Planning Tips

Planning any type of car journey with or without kids is essential, the last thing you want to be doing is running out of petrol in between available petrol stations and if you have kids the last place you want to be stuck is on the side of a motorway…actually scrap that with or without […]

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Best Places To Go Scuba Diving

Scuaba diving is yet another fantastic way to see our planet from a different perspective and there’s loads of places you can go, this detailed infographic from Dive Master shows you where to go and what you can expect to see when under the water…

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Things to do in Bogor Indonesia

Bogor is situated on Java Island in Indonesia, a tourist hub popular with travellers and hikers due to the mountain setting, Mount Salak dominating the skyline.  With the island of Java not being overly large even though you’re almost central Java when in Bogor the beaches are still accessible being a couple of hours drive […]

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Nail biting journeys on the roads

In today’s age hopping in the car to go on a family adventure is second nature and we hardly ever have to worry about arranging public transport to get to our destination. That being said it’s so important to plan the route you’re going to take, especially when you’ve got small children in the car. […]

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6 Things to Do When Travelling Around Europe

Europe is one of the safest and most exciting places to travel, with dozens of different countries, cultures and attractions to take your fancy. Whether you’re a solo traveller planning on backpacking around Eastern Europe or a family organising a week-long holiday in the Med, you’re going to be spoilt for choice. To prove my […]

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