What Are You Secretly Saving For?

Do you secretly save money without your other half knowing? What are you actually saving for? There are many reasons it seems for secretly saving behind a partners back, in fact a recent study done by Auto Europe it’s more common than you might think.

Whether you’re married or living together, have joint bank accounts is a very common practice, however it’s still important I think to have your own financial independence, being able to save and spend your hard-earned money on something just for you.  Between men and women, it appears the men are able to save much better than the female on average being able to save almost double the amount that she would be saving.

Some of the reasons for secretly saving your money vary, but for the most part it looks like they’re saving for a holiday on their own, again I think a very sensible thing to do every once in a while. Whilst some are actually saving the money away in case their marriage goes sour and they need an exit strategy.

In the research, a spokesperson from autoeurope.co.uk added: “The research shows that men, more so than women, are secretly saving when it comes money matters especially for holidays. Many are hiding their savings from their significant other, perhaps for when it might be needed as part of an escape plan in case their relationship turns sour.

“Although the average adult feels like they would need thousands of pounds if they relationship fell apart, the data suggests that we might often need just enough for a well-deserved break, or to splurge when feeling a tad indulgent.”

The data showed 27 percent are squirrelling away money for a sun-soaked holiday, with 38 percent of those looking for a break in Europe and a further 30 percent saving for a tropical holiday in a far-flung destination – without their partner.

He also goes on to add:

 “As a company that helps people to save money on car hire, we understand how important it is for everybody to have a saving aspiration. Our research suggests that people in relationships show a determined effort to save towards well-earned indulgences on their own. 

“From holidays to far-flung destinations without their partners to mini-breaks with their friends, it seems that time apart and away from each other is key to feeling a sense of freedom while remaining financially independent in a relationship.”

Check out this infographic which highlights what people are saving for and why…


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