What’s Your Favourite Book on Holiday?

Reading and holidays are a match made in heaven!

I read more on holiday than I do at home even when I’m on an adventure holiday, I’ll always read a chapter of a book at the end of the day and of course when you’re at the airport or on the plane a book to bide away those long hours can be a godsend.

But what’s your favourite genre when it comes to reading abroad?   For me it’s a good crime novel, with my current favourite being the Harry Bosch series written by Michael Connelly. Getting stuck into a book gives me a sense of escapism and a chance to switch off from the real world.

Paperback or digital?

Personally I like both, however if packing is tight I will stick with my kindle as it’s compact and light.  However a recent survey by opodo has shown that 78% of Brits will pick a paperback over digital and two thirds will read two books whilst on holiday.

The research also reveals that reading is one of the top three favourite activities that one in four (25%) British holidaymakers look forward to once they’ve reached their destination, after relaxing on a beach (44%) and trying the local cuisine (30%).

According to the research the five of the best book reads when travelling long-haul are:

1. Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

2. I See You by Clare Mackintosh

3. Conclave by Robert Harris

4. This Must Be The Place by Maggie O’Farrell

5. The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry

Interestingly the research showed that although the majority of Brits want to lose themselves in a good book and forget about their life back home for a little while, it’s understandable that some might want to keep up with the headlines more than usual.

Typically, 57% said they will be more likely to keep up with the news on their smartphones or tablets now that EU data roaming charges have been abolished.

Lukas Balter, destination expert at Opodo, commented: “The recent abolition of data roaming charges has only served to increase this tendency among book-loving Brits who, given the busy news agenda at the moment, are understandably eager to use this boon to keep up with current affairs even while they’re away.”

So what about you, paperback or digital?  Crime or romance? Do you switch of your devices for a total digital detox or is the temptation too much to resist?


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