Worry No.3 – Getting Sick

Been a long time since I’ve thought of another worry for when I do Everest Base Camp, this one ‘getting sick’ came courtesy of recently reading a post from Sarah who runs the popular travel blog Sarah Somewhere on when she did Everest Base Camp and got food poisoning!  She goes on to describe how it felt walking on difficult terrain whilst trying to not pass out.. read the full story here.

Peeling cross

Peeling cross (Photo credit: 96dpi)

So now, of course I’m thinking, what if I get sick?  How will I cope if I was to catch a stomach bug whilst trekking away from the nearest facility?  I’m bad enough in the comfort of my own home, stomach ache to me is one of the worst feelings ever..

Having to deal with the lack of toilets whilst in-between camps is hard enough, especially when you’re female and apparently food poisoning is quite common in Kathmandu :-/

My thinking is as with when I did Kilimanjaro,  I will just be extra diligent on washing my hands and selecting the food I eat, carry lots of anti-nausea tablets and just hope that I don’t get struck down with any bugs too!

You can see my current other worries here and here..

Any tips on overcoming getting sick or ways to help prevent it?

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One Response to Worry No.3 – Getting Sick

  1. Sarah Somewhere May 1, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

    Hi Carly! Sorry to give you another worry! I honestly have no idea what made me so ill, maybe I’ll just say be careful of the first meal you eat at altitude, as I think that was the one that did it, but you can never really tell with these things, as I was the only one in my group that got sick! I’m sure you’ll be okay 🙂