Kilimanjaro – Flashback – Day 4 – Barranco Camp > Karanga Camp

Day 4 of the trek up Kilimanjaro and my favourite day of the whole trek, why?  The Barranco Wall, that’s why!

Before I arrived in Tanzania, I had heard lots of things about the wall, so I decided to research what the wall actually entailed and I have to say when I was looking at all the pictures on the internet, it looked pretty scary, with talks of sheer drops, no rope etc.

Barranco Wall

The Barranco Wall

In reality, it wasn’t as scary as it looked at all, once you started to make your way up the wall it didn’t feel dangerous and you didn’t feel like you were going to fall (thank god!)…plus if the porters can do it with a massive bag balanced on their head, surely it would be a piece of cake!

Barranco Wall

It made such a nice change and you actually felt like you were doing ‘proper’ climbing as you were scrambling over rocks and using your hands to pull yourself up.  It’s a shame the climb only lasted around 45 mins as I could have gone on doing that for ages!

Kili Day 4 (2)

Barranco Wall

Barranco Wall Top

Me on top of the Wall

Once we got to the top, we had a quick rest whilst we waited for the rest of the team and then headed down the other side of the wall, sadly not so exciting and if I remember correctly we had chips for lunch…So not only did we do the Barranco Wall we had chips to finish it off!

Coming down the other side..

Coming down the other side..

The trek after lunch involved a lot of going up and then coming down, the weather also became colder and misty, quite eerie when on the side of a mountain.

Kili Day 4 (6)

Finally we reached Karanga Camp in good time and got an awesome view above the clouds 🙂

Karanga Camp

Karanga Camp

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